Removal Defense in Greater Fort Worth

For immigrants, simply being charged with a crime can have dire consequences. Even if you are not guilty, there is a legitimate concern about being allowed into the United States with a charge on your record or being deported from the US if the charge surfaces there.

Deportation separates immigrants from their families and makes it difficult for them to build the life they seek. That is why Rocio Martinez, a Fort Worth native certified in both criminal and civil law in the State of Texas, offers a removal defense for immigrants seeking to stay in the US even in the wake of charges brought against them.

In the US, everyone is considered innocent until proven guilty. That includes immigrants, and Rocio Martinez has a history of fighting tirelessly to help the immigrant community. Before an immigrant travels, applies for naturalization, applies for a green card, or renews an existing green card or visa, it is important that the immigrant has a legal advocate standing behind him that understands:

  • Consequences of Criminal Charges in the US
  • Consequences of Theft Convictions in the US
  • Consequences of other Criminal Convictions in the US

Even as a lawful permanent resident, you may be denied naturalization or face deportation if you are found guilty of a crime. That is why you need to have Rocio Martinez on your side if you face criminal or civil law charges in Fort Worth.

Stop Deportation with Attorney Rocio Martinez in Fort Worth

With our help, you can maximize your chances at staying in the United States if you were charged with a crime or convicted of one. Some suggestions to help you:

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  • Were you charged with a crime? Don’t plead guilty! Many criminal defense lawyers try to convince you to plead guilty. They say that you cannot overcome any challenges in your case. This may not be true. If you enter a guilty plea, you inevitably will face serious consequences, such as deportation, imprisonment, ineligibility to renew your green card, inability to travel, and more. If you were charged with a crime as an immigrant, let us give you the legal counsel you need to defend yourself in court and avoid serious consequences of a criminal conviction.
  • Were you convicted of a crime and now in removal proceedings? If you face deportation, you need help from an experienced immigration and criminal defense attorney in Texas. We will work closely with you to defend your case as if you were a member of our family facing deportation. You can be confident that with our strategic legal defense, you can minimize your risk of removal from the United States.
  • Do you need to have a criminal conviction expunged from your record? Sometimes, people are coerced into pleading guilty to crimes they did not commit. Through experience, strong relationships, and skill, Francisco Hernandez may be able to reopen your case. Then, he will negotiate on your behalf to have the charges dismissed. Finally, he will work to have the charges expunged from your record, making it easier for you to avoid the harsh consequences of a criminal conviction.

Trust Rocio Martinez with Your Legal Issues in Fort Worth

Facing consequences such as deportation or ineligibility to apply for permanent residency in the United States is scary. As a full-service immigration law office, attorney Rocio Martinez is the person to call when you need help with issues related to removal defense, immigration law, criminal law or civil law in Fort Worth, TX. When you need our services, Contact Us online or give us a call at 817-383-2979 to let us help you navigate safely through the immigration laws in Texas.