Civil Law in Greater Fort Worth, Texas

Civil law in the United States covers situations where the collective rights of individuals to receive equal treatment is not honored. For immigrants, that includes freedom from discrimination in a number of settings (employment, housing, etc.).

While federal laws address most civil rights, each state has its own system for protecting the civil rights of their citizens. Texas is no different, and the Law Office of Rocio Martinez stands ready to help immigrants with civil law services.

Protect Your Rights with Rocio Martinez in Fort Worth

While every citizen is entitled to practice their civil rights, many do not insist on upholding those rights in times of trouble because they do not understand what is and is not allowed in a particular situation. Our attorneys have the knowledge and experience to uphold your civil rights when you have been charged with a crime or wronged by another party in the Greater Fort Worth, Texas area.

Because state laws can change on an annual basis, Rocio Martinez and her fellow attorneys keep track of those changes and help immigrants understand their civil rights in each situation. When you deal with Rocio Martinez, a Fort Worth native who practices criminal, civil, and immigration law in the State of Texas, you are working with someone who understands and has a passion for helping the immigrant community.

Trust Your Civil Law Cases to Rocio Martinez in Fort Worth

There is more than one kind of law in the United States. An infraction can be a violation or criminal law or civil law. That makes it difficult for a US citizen, let alone an immigrant, to understand the difference and react properly in difficult situations. Fortunately, attorney Rocio Martinez can help with cases involving civil law, criminal law, or immigration law in Fort Worth, TX. When you need our legal services, Contact Us online or give us a call at 817-383-2979.

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