Family-Based Immigration Law in Fort Worth, TX

Few things are more rewarding for an immigration lawyer than putting together a family separated by deportation or other legal entanglements. That is why Rocio Martinez, a Fort Worth native certified in both criminal and civil law in the State of Texas, provides family-based immigration law services to assist immigrants seeking to avoid deportation or earn permanent residency in the United States.

As a full-service immigration law office, our attorneys will help you wade through the turbulent waters of USA family immigration issues until everyone is considered a permanent Texas resident. There are many avenues available to reach that goal and Rocio Martinez has years of experience in assisting with all of them for our customers in the Greater Fort Worth, Texas area.

From marriage to a US citizen to a variety of visas designed to assist individuals in the immigration process, the attorneys at the Law Office of Rocio Martinez can keep your family together or put it together on a permanent basis.

Family Law Services by Rocio Martinez in FW

When you seek to put together your international family, the attorneys at Rocio Martinez can help. In addition to marrying a US citizen, an act that qualifies a person for a green card once they pass an interview with a representative from US Citizenship & Immigration Services (USCIS), there are other ways to achieve your goal. Some of the most popular services we provide for our customers in Fort Worth and its surrounding communities include:

  • K-1 fiancé visas: These allow a person to stay in the US for 90 days to marry your fiancé and apply for permanent residency (aka a “Green Card”).
  • K-2 visas: These are available for children of individuals who receive K1 visas.
  • K-3 visas: These are available for individuals in a valid marriage with a citizen of the US. Spouses with US citizenship can file a petition (Form I-130) on behalf of that individual seeking permanent reside status as validated by Form I-129F.
  • K-4 visas: These are available for individuals under 21 years of age who is the unmarried child of an alien eligible to apply for a K-3 visa.
  • F-2 visas: These are available for spouses and children of students in academic or language training programs.
  • F-1 visas: These are for the students in the academic or language training programs.
  • J-2 visas: These are for the spouses and children of exchange visitors who enter the country on J-1 visas.
  • L-2 visas: These are given to the immediate family members of those receiving L-1 visas, who are individuals transferred to the US branch of an international company.
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For additional information about obtaining E-2, E-1, H-1B, H-4 and other visas that allow lawful entry into the US, contact our attorneys. We also offer support and legal counsel for marriage & domestic partnerships, divorce/annulment proceedings, adoptions, and juvenile delinquency & protection cases.

Rely on Rocio Martinez for Family-Based Immigration Legal Services in Fort Worth

You work hard to protect what is most important to you. That includes keeping your international family together despite legal challenges. As a full-service immigration law office, attorney Rocio Martinez is the person to call when you need help with family-based immigration services, immigration law, criminal law or civil law in Fort Worth, TX. Contact Us online or give us a call at 817-383-2979 when you need our help to safely navigate through the immigration laws in Texas.