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  • Comment: The Law Office of Francisco Hernandez consists of angels helping and advocating for the immigrant community. Since 2012, I have been a loyal client of this office. Mrs. Vicky was the first person who opened her arms – without hesitation – to help me with my DACA case. The altruistic manner she took my case was as if my mom were the one taking care of it!! From day one, I knew I was in great hands. I have nothing but respect for Mrs. Vicky.
    For this year, I was eligible to submit my Adjustment of Status case to USCIS. Both Ms. Rocio and Mrs. Vicky were able to help me with the process. Not enough words can explain how wonderful the client-to-attorney relationship was throughout the case. Ms. Rocio did not only thoroughly explain the process and answer every question but also accompanied me to my interview – which was on short notice. (I’d like to point out that she resolved all my little nervous feelings with her reassurance and confidence.) I truly appreciate everything she does and would like her to know she is a beautiful human being.
    Now, for Mr. Francisco Hernandez – he is a respected and admirable attorney, but before all that, people love him for what he represents. THANKFULLY, I've never had to use his service as a criminal defense attorney, but I got to meet the mastermind behind the firm. The only way I can try to describe him to show my respect would be as a selfless man who truly believes in fighting for the right of an opportunity.
    As I mentioned earlier, these people are angels. They pour their love, patience, and attention to each case as if it were theirs – all while doing it without expecting a single thank you in return. I am grateful for them. So, THANK YOU, Mrs. Vicky, Ms. Rocio, and Mr. Francisco, because of you guys I am no longer afraid or doubtful of who I am in this country. Thank you.
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