Job completed for H Sanchez

Completion date: September 9, 2020

Location: Fort Worth, TX

Why did the customer contact us?

Respondent was detained with Immigration in removal proceedings at risk of losing his Legal Permanent Resident status. He wanted to be released on a bond so that he could get back to work and his family. He has four US citizen sons and daughters and the younger two depend on him. His recently widowed mother is blind and cannot get around without his help. His criminal history included multiple assault misdemeanors and possession of Marijuana, a DWI as well as a felony conviction for endangering a child. These cases were all a part of a past life that Respondent no longer lived.

Solutions provided:

Our firm was able to successfully get Respondent a 4,000 bond while he fights to keep his Permanent Resident status in the United States. He got to go home to his children and his mother. The Department of Homeland Security opposed his bond because they argued he was a danger to the community. On paper, that could be so. Rocio found a way to help him using a creative legal strategy and showing he was not a danger to his community and deserved to be released.

Redacted Bond Case